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4 Crazy Hair Stereotypes

People make up stereotypes about everything because it’s an easy way to identify and classify people. Even though all reasonable people know that stereotypes are rarely the truth, people do everything they can to avoid them; for example, the guys who go through hair transplant surgery to avoid stereotypes related to baldness. Here are a few stereotypes related to hair.

1. Blondes are Dumb

Blondes aren’t dumb. There are a lot of very smart blonde women—just go to a graduate program in any university and you’ll see a number of blondes. Studies have shown that men constantly rank blonde women as appearing less intelligent than her darker-haired sisters.

This is a total male fabrication, however, as women rank blondes the same as other women. Although we don’t really know where it comes from, the Dumb Blonde stereotype is definitely one of the craziest (and least accurate) ones.

2. Long-haired Men are Dirty Hippies

Not only are they dirty hippies, they’re also lazy, rebellious, addicts and potheads. The stereotypes surrounding long-haired men are multiple and really hurtful. Even though long hair on a guy is a rarer sight than, let’s say, a red-haired girl, having long hair and being a guy can still put you in certain stereotypes.

Stereotypes about long hair on men is all about what’s “proper” for guys to wear, but it’s still silly to identify a guy as a pothead simply because he has longer hair. Societal pressure is hard to break, so kudos to you if you dare to wear long hair!

3. Redheads Are Horny

Yes, we know that red is the color of passion and sex. Despite sporting a fiery mane, not all redheads are actually interested in having sex with everyone they meet. They’re just like any other girl, really. Making such an assumption can be dangerous!

Even though less than 3% of the population is a natural redhead, it doesn’t make them extra-confident by default. Some redheads are actually quite shy and don’t really like the attention their hair color gives them.

4. Bald Guys Are Losers (or Heroes)

Whether he’s the geek without a girlfriend (or, oh my god, still a virgin!) or the slick used sales car guy with a toupee or a comb-over, bald men tend to be represented as more or less losers. They’re usually fat, can’t attract women and have geeky pastimes.

But then you have the opposite: the bald action hero a la Bruce Willis or Vin Diesel. They’re sexy, confident and strong. Is there a space for the ordinary, moderately successful bald man with a family, a dog, a house and a car? Do you have to be either a loser or a superhero when you’re bald?

These are only a few hair stereotypes; you’ll also find that brunettes are reliable but boring and that black-haired women are shy, secretive types with a penchant for the arts.

The truth is, none of these are true or real. They’re just easy ways to classify people for those who are too lazy to talk with others. If you want to get that hair replacement to avoid baldness stereotypes, go for it; just do what feels best for you. Most of all, be comfortable with your choices and be proud of what nature gave you!


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