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How To Get Organised To Improve Productivity

All of us know it’s so much easier to work when things are organised, but only very few of us actually get down to the act of organising . This is simply because in a state of disarray, we tend to get overwhelmed, and in such a case, it’s tough to think clearly about one task leave alone change our normal routine.

If you do get organised, you would stop feeling overwhelmed and your productivity will significantly increase. But, if you are in such a state of tension and are lagging in terms of the tasks you need to complete, how will you take the time to organize? Indeed, this is a Catch-22 situation.

This is the reason that several people seek pros to help them to effectively organize the clutter in their lives. But, think. Do you really need such advisors to help you sort things in your life and office?

You just need to consciously take time out to do it. Of course, this one day might seem like a long time, as it will further delay your tasks and activities. But, it’s worth it, because once you get organized, you will be able to complete things in a systematic way.

A cluttered desk has a negative effect on your mind, as it will further intensify your mind’s confused state. Therefore, as the first task, clean up your work area.

Simply throw away the trash and the papers that you don’t require. Then, organize the stuff you need into a filing system that you will find easy to maintain and follow.

Planners, address books, “to do” lists, and the like are meant for people like you. They simplify the process of organizing. Putting things in writing always help you to plan things well. 

For instance, if you write down your work for the day, it gives you a picture of what needs to be done. Moreover, you can avoid taking on more. Therefore, start each day by making a list of what you need to do. While doing so, make sure you list tasks in their order of priority. As the day goes by, you can tick each task completed.

This not only gives you a sense of accomplishment but also helps you focus on the ones that need to be completed, so that you don’t waste time on the trivial ones.

After you have set up a filing and scheduling system, make sure you follow it. Make it a point to have a neat desk.

Take time each day to clean and organize your work area. All these will help you improve your productivity considerably and you will find yourself with time to spare, which you can devote to your other tasks.


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