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I Never Seem To Get Enough Break

Almost all of us have at some point thought “I never seem to get a break!” or asked “Why is it that I don’t seem to get anything right in my life?”

It is natural to think that forces beyond our control are acting against us. But are we to be blamed? What can we do to lead a great life?

With quantum physics, it is now being proved that we are the masters of our lives and we create our destiny. We are either Conscious Creators or Un-Conscious Creators. Our thoughts and emotions influence the events in our lives because they are energy bundles that get transmitted into the world and attract similar energy.

If you hate your job, the negative thoughts are likely to trigger more negative ones and even if you seek a new job, you’ll find yourself equally unsatisfied. However, if you imagine yourself in a better job with a good work environment, you’ll definitely see a change. 

Similarly, if you’re having financial problems and tend to focus on the same, you are likely to face further problems. But, if you think positive, you will soon begin to see ways to make money. Thus, it’s highly likely that you’re an Unconscious Creator. Your negative thoughts and emotions are shaping the events in your life. To see a change for the better, take the following steps.

Take steps to become a Conscious Creator. Start envisioning the life you want to lead in great detail and you’ll soon begin to see it actually becoming reality.

Begin watching your thoughts and replace negative ones with positive ones. This will bring about a significant change.

Start identifying those things in your life for which you are truly grateful. Remember that good begets good and so, very soon, you will receive more things for which you are likely to be grateful. Gratitude is a positive trait; make it a habit.

When you’re feeling low, do a good deed. Bringing a smile or joy to others will make you feel good and in the process trigger positive thoughts and feelings. These will surely lead to a positive change in your life.

Concentrate on the positives and you will soon begin to witness the change in your life. Plus, you’ll be helping the entire world because positive energy is very essential to change the world into a happier place.


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