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15 Tips For Eating Healthy While Traveling in Foreign Countries

While traveling, people tend to forget their routine meal habits and indulge in unknown fast foods at unknown outlets. All of this causes health issues. Here are a few choice tips on how to maintain healthy eating habits while traveling.

1. Carry Your In-flight Meal

Avoid your airline’s packaged meal and carry fresh fruit, cheese, nutrition bars and dry food that won’t smash, leak or stink up the airline. You can also think of boiled eggs, cheese with whole wheat toast, jerky, charcuterie, bean and grain salads with veggies and a vinaigrette dressing.

2. Drink Plenty Of Fluids

Avoid coffee and tea while flying and take in plenty of water and fruit juices. Try to grab a cup of milk when you can. Avoid alcohol and soda-based drinks in order to minimize jet lag and other travel-related health conditions.

3. Avoid Eating At Street Outlets

Part of the charm of traveling is to experience local food. So sample a bit here and there and check how your system reacts. If you perceive any adverse reactions, don’t put yourself through the guinea pig routine to find out which food your body doesn’t like.

4. Give The Mini Bar A Miss

Stock your hotel room with fresh fruit,  fiber cookies, granola bars and other healthy food stuffs. Doing so will keep you full during those in-between meal times when you’re tempted to attach the junk in your room’s mini bar.

5. Avoid Eating Fast Food

Fast foods are high in calories and fat, in particular. What’s more, by grabbing fast food in a hurry, you’ll be missing out on experiencing the local food culture. Eat at healthy outlets favored by locals and tourists alike; a small family-own inn or bakery can offer you more return for your money in terms of health.

6. Don’t Skip Breakfast

Breakfast should be your biggest meal of the day; your body gets most of its starter energy from your breakfast. If your hotel offers a complimentary breakfast, take full advantage of it and choose options such as eggs, bacon and whole wheat toast, high in carbs, protein and fiber.

7. Choose Healthy Options At Restaurants

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that the food choices you make don’t make a difference to your overall vacation and post-vacation health. They do; whenever you order something, evaluate what you’re doing to your body and then give that nod to the waiter.

8. Avoid Sugar Rich Foods

You’re already in high spirits, vacationing away to your heart’s content. Why on earth do you want a sugar high as well? Feel that sugar tooth acting up? Don’t pick up a pack of sugary baked goods or chocolates; pick up some fresh sweet fruit like strawberries, blueberries or peaches. They work just as well!

9. Eat Healthy Snacks In The Car

Families with kids get bored after the first few miles of driving and eating becomes a pastime. Be sure to take a cooler full of sliced fruits, cheese, and small whole wheat sandwiches layered with avocado, turkey or chicken meat. Your family will feel full and will be less inclined to reach into the bag of chips.

10. Eat Before You Leave For The Airport

Most of us rush through the packing and commuting process, getting to the airport just in time, hungry, irritable and crabby. This is when we are most inclined to grab those sugar rich cookies from the airport coffee shop. Plan ahead and squeeze in a healthy meal before you leave.

11. Go Vegetarian

If you’re not sure of the meat quality, just don’t take the risk. Keep a small knife handy to chop veggies and a plastic bowl to make a quick and filling salad. Throw in some nuts and a dressing and you’re done.

12. Keep An Eye On Food Portions

If you don’t have a healthy food choice in front of you, watch your portions. Keep in mind you’re just eating to stave off the hunger till you get a better, healthier food option.

13. Opt For Mexican Food At Airports

Mexican food is by far the least junky; you’re sure to find a hearty serving of beans on rice or with tortillas. Definitely a more filling, healthier option than fried wings and junky sugar cookies.

14. Research Food Options At Your Destination

Look for restaurants close to your hotel, note their timings and the kind of cuisine on offer. Know where the closest grocery stores, farmers markets and gas stations are. If you can check your hotel’s menu online, study all the healthy options beforehand so you don’t have to order the wrong thing while hungry.

15. Look Up Starbucks Outlets

Starbucks stocks many healthy options such as protein plates, veggie trays, fruit cups, packed, oatmeal with nuts and dried fruit. They also stock nutritious, dense nut bars at the counter as well.


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