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Top signs that you are suppressing your emotions

There are many Signs that you are suppressing your emotions, many people feel pressured to bottle up their emotions and keep a calm composure.

And you might be one of them. There can be several reasons why you might be repressing your feelings.

Perhaps the rigid structure of society forces you to present yourself in a particular way, otherwise you might recognize yourself because the glue that keeps your family and friends from falling apart.

Or it might be that being vulnerable has hurt you within the past. regardless of the reason, one thing's needless to say, bottling up your feelings (whether it’s deliberate or not), can ruin your relationships and eventually cause mental and physical consequences.

Here are 8 telltale signs that you're holding back your emotions. If you relate to any of them, maybe it’s time to think things through and confront your feelings head-on.

#1- You do not hear Yourself

Does one remember the last time you truly listened to yourself? The last time you had an indoor conversation and kept in-tuned together with your heart? Maybe you cannot even remember.

That's one among the primary indications that you might be emotionally repressed. It’s been a short time since you’ve taken the time to self-evaluate or hear your subconscious side.

Even once you feel bad and know that somethingis wrong, you never really attempt to find the basis explanation for this negative energy. You ignore it instead, believing it'll disappearon its own.

#2- You're Embarrassed By Anger And Sadness

If you're guy, you were probably taught that boys don't cry. You grew up with the assumption that men should just confront life's challenges rather than sulking over them.

Which any display of weakness or vulnerabilityis not a masculine trait. Throughout your life, you almost certainly internalized these behavioral patterns.

If you are a female, you were probably taught that girls should keep their temper in restraint . You learned that a true woman should never reveal her anger or anxiety.

Though you would possibly not be consciously aware, these views affect the type of person you're today. Since you were a toddler , it has been instilled in you that emotions like sadness and anger are negative, and albeit you’re older now, you’re still ashamed of expressing such emotions.

#3- You Never mention Your Emotions

A more upfront by-product of bottling up your emotions is that you simply never open up to anyone about your feelings. It isn't that you simply need to tell everyone around you about your inner dreams, fears, and secrets.

But you almost certainly never reveal your deepest feelings to your close friends and family either. Even once you burst into tears, you are doing it alone and out of sight. regardless of what your burdens are, you prefer resolving them privately , without anyone else's involvement.

#4- You're Guarded

Have people ever mentioned you as closed off? I'm not just talking about one isolated instance. I'm talking about people actively knowing you as a guarded person.

Now, being guarded isn't necessarily a badthing. It’s simply a neighborhood of your personality. However, there has got to be some quite background or reason for it. it'd be an attempt on your part to build a wall to guard your heart, which explains your tendency to be extra careful around others and rarely let anyone in. this is often just another common indicator that you could be emotionally repressed.

#5- You're Always 'Alright'

If you never speak up when something is bothering you, you're repressing your emotions. When anyone asks how your day's been or ifyou ever need any help with something, you usually say that you're doing “fine" and don't need anything.

Yet, actually , everyone has great moments and not-so-great moments. There are many times where we are anything but fine. Even so, your go-to is to finish the conversation by convincing others that you're doing just fine - instead of exposing any vulnerability.

#6- You have been Accused Of Being Passive

Aggressive Has anyone ever told you that you simply were being passive-aggressive? If they need , it might be thanks to your emotional repression.

It comes from the lack to face your problems as they arise, since you've got a tough time telling people what's bothering you at the moment.

But your emotions never find yourself magically leaving you. Instead, they start to brew inside you, even when you create it appear to be there's not a drag .

This might subconsciously cause you to hurt those you're keen on by ignoring them or giving them the rebuff once they do something that bothers you.

#7- You Hold Grudges

A standard habit of holding back your feelings is holding onto grudges for long periods of your time . the rationale this happens, is because when someone hurts you, you never take the time to process those emotions.

You think that point heals all anger and disappointment, so ignoring it's the simplest solution. However, this method is flawed within the long term because you will only suffer emotional buildup, which inevitably leads to resentment.

Because you never confront conflicts in your relationships within the first place, you never really forgive those people. albeit you do not notice this resentment upfront, you become further chained to your feelings and only find yourself hurting yourself.

#8- You magnify Over Small Things

If you regularly explode over minor inconveniences, it's another indicator that you simply are bottling up your emotions. Believe it.

In your past fights with friends or family,most of them have probably never been about truly important things. Instead, your pent-up emotions explode overthe tiniest things.

Of course, people think that you simply are overreacting or causing an enormous fuss over nothing. This might even come as a shock to you because you were probably always referred to as someone who doesn’t really overreact, much less completely blow things out of proportion. 

But, most of the people won't realize that your outbursts have an innate cause. They probably will never know either, unless they can somehow read your mind whenever you're bothered, otherwise you actually speak up.

Trying to confront feelings and open up to vulnerability can happen differently for everybody . Some great ways to urge started involve talking with your loved ones, like friends or family, consulting knowledgeable, or maybe trying some mindfulness exercises. regardless of what you are doing , just start to trust yourself more. Let yourself believe that being vulnerable and emotional sometimes is completely acceptable. After all, it's just a part of human nature.

If you found this article helpful, please give your feedback in comments section and  share it around. 


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